The Frankie Shop Goes to Hollywood

Embark on a journey where fashion meets art with our latest collaboration with the renowned Crosby Studios, founded by Harry Nuriev. A trailblazer in innovative design and architectural creativity, Crosby Studios is renowned for its boundary-pushing concepts and a distinctive combination of art and functionality.

Together, we present 'The Meeting Room,' a unique pop-up installation located on the iconic Sunset Boulevard. Strategically aligned with the Frieze art fair, this venture promises an unmatched blend of creativity and innovation within the art world.

Step into the remnants of a once-bustling office space with ‘The Meeting Room.’ Drawing inspiration from the powerful women of the post office era, Harry Nuriev envisions a space that pays tribute to this bygone time. Capturing the moment before movers take away old office items, the installation features stacks of binders, monitors, office chairs, and a broken printer set against water coolers and fragmented walls.

As visitors navigate through our collaborative installation, they will discover The Frankie Shop’s latest collection of leather pieces, iconic separates, and many more exclusive items. The installation combines a dynamic combination of fashion and nostalgia, where the power suits of the past are infused with the modern attitude of The Frankie Shop. 

To mark the opening of our installation with Crosby Studios, we curated an intimate soirée where friends and family came together to celebrate this one-of-a-kind experience. Catered by the visionary duo of Verónica González and Elena Petrossian, founders of Ananas Ananas, guests were treated to edible installations. Adding to the ambiance was the music of the talented and energetic Monamatsuoka.

Come visit us at 8580 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Open from Monday - Saturday, 11am to 7pm; and Sunday 12pm - 6pm.