In Motion by Stanislaw Boniecki x Elly McGaw

In our latest video editorial shot amidst the vibrant streets of New York City, photographer Stanislaw Boniecki and stylist Elly McGraw were given artistic freedom to curate a narrative. Set against the urban backdrop, model Jamily Meurer brings to life the dynamic energy of city living.

From the crowded sidewalks to the subway platforms, Boniecki's lens captures Jamily in perpetual motion, harmoniously synchronized with the rhythm of the metropolis. Each frame captures the unmistakable essence of New York City, showcasing pieces from our latest women’s capsule—from sleek pinstripes to creamy suits and edgy leather ensembles. These looks mirror the city's multifaceted style and diverse personalities.

Photographer / Director: Stanislaw Boniecki
Model: Jamily Meurer   
Stylist: Elly McGaw
HMU: Yu Nakata
Art Buyer / Producer: Leyla Sassi  
Music: Jimmy Whoo
Production Manager: Ethan Grossman
Production Manager: Zoé Pouget
Photographer assistant: Yuxin Zhang
Stylist assistant: Lennon Goldsmith
DOP: Sam Kretchmar
1st Camera Assistant: Matt Vasquez
Editor: Alex Hoefer