Holiday Touch: Come Together Right Now Over Us

A touch of magic, a touch of romance, or even a touch of gold… The holidays are just around the corner, and our only wish is to celebrate together —cheek-to-cheek, arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand.

The past few months have taught us that distance (social or otherwise) does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

The HOLIDAY TOUCH campaign is a celebration of togetherness and the tender yet simple gestures that warm our hearts all year round.

Sumptuous silks, soft wools, cozy cottons, that’s what sartorial winter dreams are made of. To say the last two years have been hard would be an understatement.

The variety of textures and intense yet gentle sensorial quality of the garments remind us of the softer side of life. It is a tactile invitation to slow down and cuddle up.

Comfort is key when temperatures drop, so keep your embraces tight and your looks flowing and pillowy. The softly structured silhouettes offer the perfect balance of fête-ready polish and functional ease.

Delicate pastels, earth neutrals, and rich jewel tones bring character to this otherwise effortless and relaxed collection.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a touch of sparkle or an opulent ornament or two to decorate one’s look.

Simple yet sculptural gold jewelry brings a little bit of well-deserved glamour to these casually elegant looks, which is accompanied by playfully stylish, tongue-in-cheek accessories that anyone would be delighted to unwrap.

In the current climate of continued uncertainty, we’re grateful for each and every moment we get together. We get the love we give, and no matter the circumstances, there’s always a way to get close, even if in spirit.

Here’s to loving the ones you’re with and continuing to love them even at a distance. Here’s to hugs, kisses, and the technologies that have allowed us to stay in touch from afar.

Here’s to a 2022 touched by happiness and health. 

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