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The Ultimate Frankie Denim Guide

remains a timeless wardrobe staple that is more popular than ever. The original workwear that works everywhere. This season, there is a high demand for classic denim pieces in various shapes and styles. Denim is a reliable and safe purchase during uncertain times, and it continues to lead the way in understated fashion. It is available in many washes and endless silhouettes, making it a versatile material.

At The Frankie Shop, we offer denim in different styles, with our super-wide leg Sasha pants being our top pick for the season. Pairing them with our denim Dallas shirt creates the perfect updated Canadian Tuxedo look. Additionally, we recommend the reintroduction of the skin-tight jeans featuring a low waist for a 90s-inspired look.

While stonewashed jeans were popular in the 1980s, denim has been reinvented in innovative ways this season. This includes new cuts, styles, and silhouettes, such as denim skirts, dresses, and cropped jackets. Here is a quick guide to our favorite denim styles for the season.

Model wearing the Sasha wide leg jeans, Dallas denim over shirt and Brook faux fur coat.

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Our Sasha pants and Texas extra-long skirt are making a big impact this season. The extra-wide unisex Sasha jeans are perfect for adding an edgy touch to your everyday look. However, pairing them with sneakers might make your outfit look a little too sloppy. Instead, try wearing them with a sleek pair of kitten heels to instantly elevate your look. These pants are intentionally extra-wide and long, so it's best to pair them with a crop fitted top or a cropped bomber if you're afraid of getting lost in them. A chic loose knit or men's shirt would also work perfectly with these jazzy trousers. The Texas skirt is also low-rise and extra-long, but it's important to have it touching the ground to ensure that the shoes don't take center stage on this elongated silhouette.

Experience the rise of two-tone denim with Hayla, our bestseller of the season. If you're looking to switch up your denim game, these button-up jeans are the perfect contenders. The unique two-tone design adds a touch of modern flair to a classic wardrobe staple, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. Thanks to the button fastening options, the original piece fits a wider range of sizes, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for everyone. For more information on how to style these jeans, check out our user-friendly guide on TikTok. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of an updated version in a lighter color, as well as a mini version to add even more variety to your denim collection. With Hayla, you'll never run out of options to elevate your fashion game.

Cargos are a fashion staple that have stood the test of time. With the resurgence of Y2K fashion, this iconic workwear look has made a strong comeback in recent seasons and is showing no signs of slowing down. The multiple pockets and utilitarian design make it the perfect addition to any wardrobe, adding a touch of functionality to a cool spring outfit.

We offer a range of cargo-inspired pieces, including our best-selling Kai and Hailey pants, as well as the new Denver skirt and our mini Taylor skirt. These versatile pieces come in various forms, reworked to fit modern fashion trends while retaining their classic workwear appeal. Whether you're going for a casual or dressy look, our cargo-inspired pieces will add a touch of utilitarian style to any outfit. 

For those who love fashion in subtle ways, we have the perfect addition to your wardrobe - mom jeans. This 90s' classic exudes natural and easy elegance, making it a versatile option that works well with sneakers for a casual and chic look. While it may seem like a simple piece, mom jeans have made a major comeback in recent seasons, proving that sometimes less is more when it comes to fashion. The relaxed fit and high waist design make them comfortable and flattering for all body types, while the classic denim fabric gives them a timeless appeal. Check out our Isabella, Dublin or Alabama jeans.

Frankie model wearing the Hanna silky oversized shirt paired with the Taylor denim cargo skirt.

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The Frankie Shop model wearing the Lui thin stripped shirt and Denver cargo skirt.

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No denim guide would be complete without the addition of a classic denim jacket. At The Frankie Shop, we offer the Texas style - a super classic cut with an oversized fit that is perfect for achieving that denim tuxedo look. Pair it with our Texas skirt for a complete outfit that exudes timeless style. For those who prefer a sexier look, our Kett cropped version is a great option with its broad shoulders and short cut. Having sold this silhouette for almost 2 years, we recommend avoiding pairing it with anything too short, as showing too much skin at the top and bottom can detract from the elevated look.

Instead, opt for an oversized denim cargo pant like our Hailey pants or long denim skirts such as our Texas or Denver to balance it out. These pieces will not only complement the cropped denim jacket, but they will also add a touch of functionality and sophistication to your outfit. Whether you're going for a casual or dressy look, our denim jacket collection has got you covered. 

Distressed denim may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying the enduring appeal of ripped jeans. Despite what your grandmother might say, this edgy style has been a fashion staple for generations and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. If you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of distressed jeans, look no further than our Melbourne denims.

Featuring strategically placed knee holes, these jeans strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless. Whether you pair them with a casual t-shirt or dress them up with a blazer and heels, these jeans are guaranteed to make a statement. And while your grandmother may not approve, we're pretty sure that even she would have to admit that these jeans look pretty darn cool.

At The Frankie Shop, we are committed to reducing our water consumption in the production of our denim. We are proud to announce that our latest production of the Sasha jeans used significantly less water. We understand that sustainability is a top concern for many of our customers, and we're doing our part to make a positive impact.

We also want to let you know that while we strive to provide you with the exact product you see in the image, variations in the manufacturing and washing process mean that each piece of denim is unique. Despite being made from the same material, slight differences in wash and color are to be expected. We believe these variations add to the charm and character of our denim, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

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