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The Frankie Shop

Opening the shutter with Deon Hinton

“Photography is like writing poetry”, explained New York based photographer, model and influencer, Deon Hinton – “the camera is the pen in this vessel of expression”, he added from his Brooklyn-based apartment.

Deon, also known as @okdeon, captured our latest men’s collection shot on the streets of Paris alongside model Andrew Georgiades.

Model wearing the Sasha wide leg jeans, Dallas denim over shirt and Brook faux fur coat.

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Carefully selecting the pieces that would feature as part of the shoot, Deon was given free reign to curate them as he pleased. A custodian of taste, Deon’s social sphere is a neatly organized amuse-bouche for the work he creates. A modern minimalism that weighs on profound sensibility and questions the body. This is how Deon brought our latest pieces to life using subtle iterations, yet playing on masculinity through feminine desirability.

Tapping into Frankie’s oversized minimalist aesthetic, whilst capitalizing on the seductive nature of seeing a man’s face wrapped up in (faux) fur – these small details are the language that Deon expresses. Matching oversized denim sets jump to arm-bearing knitwear over loose fitting tailoring topped with a statement oversized peak lapel coat; every element is nonchalantly positioned with perfection in mind.

Explore our latest menswear collection in conversation with Deon below.

The Frankie Shop
The Frankie Shop

FRANKIE: A New Yorker at heart, with Paris on the horizon, where are you heading next?

DEON: I adore New York for all that it has taught and shown me. I feel there’s no other place I can see myself living in this stage of my life. If or when I get to a point where I feel I’ve run my course with New York, I can see Paris in my future.

Time will tell...

Male model wearing the Frankie Shop Drew denim pants and a brown knitted t-shirt.

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FRANKIE: What brought you to photography in the first place?

DEON: Since I was a child, I’ve found beauty in mundaneness and the aspects of life that I feel are often overlooked. I started when I was age 14 and have loved the journey since.

FRANKIE: How would you describe your work as a photographer? What attracts you when you capture an image?

DEON: Within my photo work, I aim for a poetic approach. I enjoy stillness and allowing the subject to exist and express its' feeling in that moment. What attracts my shutter is candidness.

FRANKIE: How would you describe your style? Do you have reliable thought-out staple looks or do you find yourself changing multiple times before leaving? 

DEON: I would describe my style as having tonal aspects with Japanese influence of clean minimalism and structures. I have a typical idea of my tried and true styles that I often  will toss together, but this also depends on the day and function I am attending.

FRANKIE: In terms of clothing itself… less is more or more is less?  

DEON: Less is more, I promise. Less pieces to capitalize on true style and also showing care for our environment. Being conscious of how we buy and shop and what takes up space in our closet is a direct reflection of what takes up space in the environment. Prioritizing the quality of your pieces will lead you to building a beautiful capsule wardrobe.

FRANKIE: Can you explore your relationship with the body and how this transpires in your work?

DEON: I feel that understanding the body begins on a mental pillar. This is one of the most active aspects of my work, mindfulness. From here, the rest of the work suits and sorts  itself in a really beautiful and organic manner.

FRANKIE: How does styling, if at all, impact your work? 

DEON: Styling impacts so much of my craft. I enjoy intention. If a piece is loose and flows, I love to lean into that. If a piece is structured and sharp, I also like to lean into that. Styling is a playing field with endless potential to ignite a photo or moment. 

  • Close up of a male model photographed by Deon Hinton wearing The Frankie Shop.
  • Close up of a male models body photographed by Deon Hinton wearing The Frankie Shop.

FRANKIE: How does challenging menswear traditions impact your work and the way you dress  yourself? 

DEON: I would say 70% of my wardrobe are “women’s” or unisex pieces. Challenging menswear traditional norms for me has never been easier as you start to understand the  craftsmanship most designers place into those of a feminine silhouette. This isn’t to say that there aren’t beautiful men’s pieces, however as a person that toys on the spectrum of embracing femininity and masculinity, the way I dress and present myself to the world  is surely a direct representation of that.  

FRANKIE: How does the city or the environment you’re in, impact your mood? 

DEON: They play a huge role, primarily in regards to inspiration and also how you come to feel  creatively. I love that New York and Paris are my centers of inspiration on a daily, but find also that it is needed to escape these cities and dive into other environments that allow you to blossom as well.  

Male model photographed by Deon Hinton wearing the Frankie Shop Beo blazer, Tony boxy T and Beo suit pants.

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FRANKIE: What are your favorite Frankie pieces at the moment?

DEON: At this current moment, my daily rotation is either a Decima Trench, a Rhodes trench, and the Autumn Pintuck Pants. These pieces are so versatile in a wardrobe and especially here in New York where the weather is known to fluctuate. Quality and design are apparent in the core of Frankie and these pieces are no exception of that.

FRANKIE: What is your next destination? 

DEON: I’ll be heading to Athens, Greece for a few days then off to Paris after for some work. 

Grateful to even have said those words, and am excited for the journey of just crafting and making images, stories, and memories that I’ll come to cherish forever...